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Ready to Join the Big Beachbody Health Bet?

Update on the final results, October 2016100,273 participants qualified to win an equal share of $1,634,950 prize pool equaling $16.31 each!

Beachbody has never done anything like this before, they are going to pay you for using the products for 4 weeks to get healthy! Read on to see how the Beachbody Health Bet works.

Beachbody Health Bet

How Will it Work?

It’s very simple, here is all you have to do to earn a share of the pot:

  1. Participate in my challenge group on the My Challenge Tracker App from September 5th thru October 2nd, 2016; when you sign up with me you will receive directions on how to access and use the app (the My Challenge Tracker app is available only in the App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android). Facebook account is NOT REQUIRED–the app is not connected to Facebook in any way.
  2. Meet the minimum in-App weekly tracking requirements (and get great results in the process!):
    * Log a minimum of 3 workouts by the end of each week.
    * Log a minimum of 5 Shakeology’s, plus post a photo of your Shakeology with your tracked activity, by the end of each week.
  3. Win and share equally in the final cash pot!

To further sweeten the prize, Beachbody will add $5 to the initial $1 Million pool for every Challenge Pack sold between July 27th and August 31st!, up to $3 Million! Don’t believe me?  Listen to what the CEO of Beachbody has to say about this promotion in this short video he recorded for coaches.

Read the Official Contest Rules HERE.

How Much Do I Think We Can Win?

Personally I don’t think it’s out of the question that each successful participant could win on the order of $50-$100, and that’s enough to pay for quite a bit of your monthly Shakeology 🙂  Here’s my math:

  • In 2015, 1,500,000 customers and coaches purchased Shakeology
  • On average customers and coaches drink Shakeology for 6-8 months, so IMO at any one time a two-thirds of this number are currently drinking it (1,000,000 remaining)
  • My guess is that 75% of these customers will never hear about the Health Bet (250,000 remaining)
  • Of those that hear about it, I predict that only 25% will participate in a coach’s group using the My Challenge Tracker App (62,500 remaining participants)
  • Of those that join and participate, I would guess that at most half would successfully log the required activity every week for 4 weeks, so 31,250 people would split the pot
  • As of this blog post (August 10th) the CEO of Beachbody Carl Daikeler has stated that the pot is already up to near $1,500,000 from August Challenge Pack sales, so by the contest period it is quite possible to pot will reach $2,000,000.
  • If 31,250 people split $2,000,000, that means $64 each!

Of course this estimate is only my personal guess based on the behaviors I observe from my current customers and coaches. Even if I’m off by a factor of 2, I’m in for $32.  How about you?

October 2016 Update:  100,273 participants qualified to win an equal share of $1,634,950 prize pool equaling $16.31 each!

My Group Will Open Early by August 29th

Since many of you have never used the Challenge Tracker App I will be opening my group a week early so you can learn how to use it and be ready for the September 5th start date. I would hate for anyone to miss out on the prize just because it took you several days to get set up! If you want to see what the My Challenge Tracker App is, watch this tutorial video.

Get Your Shakeology Now For the Health Bet

If you have run out of Shakeology or want to try it for the very first time then there is no better time than now to get started.  The best way to purchase it is in one of the heavily discounted “Challenge Packs” where it is possible to get a program included for free compared to paying the full price with full shipping charges for Shakeology alone. You can browse all the package options here and place an order if you choose:

Discounted Shakeology Challenge Packs (include one fitness program or 3 months of On Demand access)

Shakeology all by itself (select the Monthly Auto-ship to save $13 on shipping and cancel later if you like)

No Shakeology? No Problem! Join Me Whether You Are One of My Customers or Not

It doesn’t matter if you are a customer of mine or not, nor does it matter if you plan to drink Shakeology. I would like to get as many people as possible involved in the group in September because I know the more folks participate in these groups the more effective they are for everyone! Without Shakeology you will be excluded from the chance to win the prize money, but you will still get the benefit of the group support. We will share our thoughts on the workouts and support each other all month long. The social support from these groups is really the secret sauce to making sure you stick to a program and get the results you deserve–it’s something you just don’t get when you try to do these programs alone. Sign up now with the link below, and I’ll send instructions on how to get started.

Official Contest Rules

My Challenge Tracker Tutorial



I am an Independent Team Beachbody Coach who found success using Beachbody's fitness programs and nutriton guides. I'm here to see that you have the same success I have had using Beachbody programs.

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