Body Beast Core De Force Hybrid

Now that I’ve run through the Core De Force martial arts program I’m ready to get back to some serious lifting.  What better reason to create a Body Beast Core De Force Hybrid schedule! Not enough cardio in Body Beast? Missed the weights in Core De Force like I did? We’ll fix that right here.

Joel and Jericho with John T

Core De Force Review

Core De Force is a great cardio and body weight program that honestly left me gasping for air like most Insanity workouts. If you check my What’s the Hardest Beachbody Program post you can review all my heart rate and calorie burn data there, but here’s a snippet where Core De Force ranks with all the other Beachbody programs I’ve done:


Core De Force is third on my list in terms of Average Heart Rate for all workouts (except for the core routines). I routinely hit a max HR in the high 160’s, which is similar to all of Shaun T’s programs.

Core De Force workouts are structured in 6, 9 or 12 three-minute rounds. To read about the specific routines check out my Core De Force post here.

The Body Beast Core De Force Hybrid

This schedule is made up of 4 distinct phases, and here is what you will see in each phase:

  • Phase 1 WARMUP PHASE: Phase 1 is an optional 2 week phase and is a preparatory phase for anyone who has not done Body Beast in the recent past, or anyone who is not familiar with Core De Force. I always advise people to complete full rounds of both programs first but inevitably some will want to jump right into a hybrid thinking they will achieve accelerated results. If this sounds like you, then you must start the schedule with Phase 1.
  • Phase 2 BUILD PHASE: The BUILD Phase is just what it sounds like, heavily populated with BUILD workouts. There are 3 heavy weeks that include 4 resistance days, 2 cardio days, and 1 rest/recovery day. The 4th week is a Recovery Week. Going back to my P90X roots every week has a similar structure to it, so there should be no guessing each morning what workout is on your schedule.
  • Phase 3 BULK PHASE: The BULK Phase continues with 3 weeks of BULK workouts plus 1 recovery week. The BULK weeks contain each of the 5 BULK workouts plus 1 required cardio, and 1 flex day that can be used as either a second cardio day or a rest/recovery day. You should determine how to use the flex day based on your individual needs.
  • Phase 4 BONUS PHASE (DELUXE + ON DEMAND PHASE): For the first time I’ve added an optional BONUS Phase for customers who own the Core De Force and Body Beast Deluxe Workouts, and/or those who can access the new exclusive “Beast Up” content in the Beachbody On Demand system. The Deluxe workouts are always a treat and typically kick the intensity up a notch from the base program workouts, and in this case that’s definitely true. This is a 3 week phase and each week is balanced with 3 Body Beast resistance routines and 3 Core De Force cardio routines.
  • Core/Ab Workouts: In the WARMUP PHASE, you will work core twice a week. In all other phases, core is hit 3 times a week. You can elect to do the core workouts before or after the primary workout, or at a separate time of day. We’ve started to do the core routines first when we are fresh, and they provide a nice core warmup prior to moving on to the primary workout.

Sagi with John T

Schedule Options

The Body Beast Core De Force Hybrid schedule lends itself to several options for duration, so you can choose which phases to do based on your needs. If you want my advice on how you should tackle the schedule, leave me a comment in the Comment Box below or click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page. Here are the alternatives:

  • 8 Week Schedule: If you have recently completed Body Beast and have already done Core De Force, then you can skip Phase 1 and do BUILD PHASE + BULK PHASE.
  • 13 Week Schedule: Do it all! WARMUP PHASE + BUILD PHASE + BULK PHASE + BONUS PHASE

Download the Body Beast Core De Force Hybrid Schedule HERE

To date I’ve served up over 4500 downloads of my hybrid schedules. To get your copy of this hybrid schedule, click on the picture below or the download link below the picture.

Body Beast Core De Force Hybrid

OVER 4500 DOWNLOADS FROM JOHNTFITNESS: Please click the image to gain access to a high-resolution, printable version of the Body Beast – Core De Force Hybrid Schedule and join thousands of others already doing our hybrids!

Download the Body Beast Core De Force Hybrid HERE

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4 comments on “Body Beast Core De Force Hybrid
  1. James E Smith II says:


    I injured my shoulder during Body Beast so I went to Core de Force. I’m having problems following your plan. The want to hybrid Body Beadt & Core de Force. Can you enlighten me?

    • John T says:

      Hi James–

      Sorry to hear about your shoulder, coincidentally I’ve injured both my shoulders doing Body Beast as well over the years by lifting too heavy. I’m not sure I understand your question–have you downloaded the hybrid schedule yet?–John

  2. Rachel Yarcusko says:

    I need to redownload the CDF/Beast hybrid, as I used the wrong email, and am now having difficulties doing so.

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