Body Beast Focus T25 Hybrid

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So you love the muscle pump from Sagi’s Body Beast but prefer Shaun T’s Focus T25 for cardio?  Here you will find the best of both programs in less than 60 minutes/day.

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In my opinion, Sagi is famous for his classic weight lifting while Shaun T is known for plyo/cardio so those are the workouts that I primarily used with this hybrid.  I followed the Body Beast (Huge) schedule as the baseline for the hybrid (moving a few workouts to minimize same muscle use on consecutive days) and incorporated the traditional recovery week like Shaun T uses in Insanity (plus Tony Horton in his P90X series) .  You build from 2 ab workouts/week in Phase 1 up to 3 ab workouts/week in Phases 2 and 3.  When you order from a coach or through the Team Beachbody website, you receive the FREE Bonus Workouts “Lucky 7” and “Core Speed” so I’ve included them as well (with a basic alternative if you do not have the Bonus Workouts).  In Phase 3, I gave the option of doing the Body Beast Tempo (slow count) workouts for even more variety.   If you only have 60 days, then do Phases 1 and 2 only.  I hope you enjoy the hybrid!  Feedback is welcome and appreciated. 🙂

To download the Body Beast/T25 Hybrid, Click Here or the picture below.

Download the Body Beast - Focus T25 Hybrid

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