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Please watch my video, it is very personal to me:

I wanted you to watch my video so you could see my story, and learn that your story is probably not much different. The actors and the circumstances are different, but the plot is the same. We all go through phases where we neglect our bodies and health, and if we don’t do something in time we wake up one day and it may be too late. For me, that was most of the decade when I was in my 40’s.

I tried hiking, golf, treadmill, Nordic Track skier, the Total Gym, running, various workouts from men’s magazines–you name it and I probably tried it–and we have the workout machine graveyard in our basement to prove it.

What finally clicked with me was a packaged program from Team Beachbody. If you can follow directions, you can succeed. And if you can’t follow directions, your fellow group members and I will be there to help you figure things out. They tell you exactly what workout to do every day of the week, how to do the workouts, what to eat every day and even how much to eat.

I’d like you to join me as I continue my health and fitness journey with Shakeology and The Master’s Hammer and Chisel program. If you are just starting out then I recommend the 21 Day Fix program.

Why Shakeology and these programs?

The main reason my health improved is because the nutrition guides taught me how to eat properly. But it wasn’t easy with the early nutrition guides that required you to measure and weigh everything you ate. You had to pay attention to every little detail in order to get that most important part of the program right. Get it wrong and all you are doing is jumping up and down in front of a TV screen.

Then they came out with the color coded portion control food containers, and learning how to eat properly has never been easier. Fortunately, now there are programs for everyone that include the portion control system: 21 Day Fix for beginners and either the 21 Day Fix Extreme or The Master’s Hammer & Chisel for those ready for something a little more advanced.

Shakeology is a critical component for success during these programs, especially when you first start out and need to overcome poor nutritional habits. Shakeology is your “savior” on days when you just can’t eat healthy or have to miss a workout–at least you know you are doing something right once a day.

Learn more about what you will receive with your program and what Shakeology will do for you by watching the videos below.

What Kind of Results Can You Get?

Susan and I both lost about 5 pounds in 2 months during our first round of Hammer & Chisel, and we didn’t think we had any extra to lose!  We followed the color coded container plan religiously, abstained from alcohol, and got our best results for any program.

John & Susan Tantillo Hammer & Chisel Results

Watch These Short Videos to See What You Will Receive

After you watch what Shakeology can do for you and select your program, use the buttons beneath the videos for more details or to get started today.

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