Focus T25 Gamma Phase

T25 Gamma

T25 Gamma, $59.85 + Shipping

Already completed Alpha and Beta Phase and ready for more?  Gamma Cycle brings you the next 4 weeks of T25.

You’ll get Advanced 25-Minute Workouts and Training Tools:

  • Rip’t Up. Strengthen and streamline your biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, and chest with Shaun’s 360° upper-body moves.
  • Extreme Circuit. Build lean muscle and burn fat at the same time! In this one, the weights never leave your hands. Not even for the warm-up.
  • The Pyramid. Accelerate your reps as time progresses. This is your 25-minute cardio and strength endurance test.
  • PURE GAMMA Calendar. If your focus is on getting completely ripped, use this PURE GAMMA workout calendar.

Plus, 2 FREE Gifts:

  • Speed 3.0 Workout. Faster pace. More sweat. Serious results. You won’t want to miss this 25-minute high-speed challenge.
  • PURE STRENGTH Hybrid Calendar. Integrate the strength-based workouts from ALPHA, BETA, and GAMMA to carve lean, strong muscle from head to toe.

Want more information?  Read this Team Beachbody Newsletter article by Steve Edwards on GAMMA.

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