Hybrid Schedules

Here is an index of all the hybrid schedules on my site.  If you don’t see one you like let me know in a comment below what you are looking for and maybe I will tackle that one next.

  1. P90X/Focus T25 Hybrid: alpha and beta only, workouts are 30-60 minutes
  2. P90X3/Focus T25 Hybrid: alpha and beta only, workouts are 30 minutes or less
  3. P90X3 Elite/Focus T25 Gamma Hybrid: alpha, beta and gamma; X3 Elite workouts are optional; workouts are 30 minutes or less with the exception of additional X3 Ab Ripper beginning in Week 8
  4. P90X3/Insanity Max:30 Hybrid: workouts are 30 minutes
  5. P90X/Body Beast Hybrid: workouts are 60 minutes, possibly longer
  6. P90X/P90X3/Les Mills Combat Hybrid:  Combat Ultimate Warrior upgrade workouts are optional; workouts are 30-60 minutes
  7. P90X/Insanity Hybrid: Beachbody’s published hybrid schedule; workouts are 40-60 minutes
  8. Body Beast/21 Day Fix Hybrid: All the Body Beast you love with more cardio
  9. Body Beast/21 Day Fix Extreme:  Our own version of Master’s Hammer & Chisel 🙂
  10. Body Beast/Focus T25:  alpha and beta only, workouts are all 60 minutes or less
  11. Master’s Hammer & Chisel / Insanity Max:30 Hybrid: Sagi, Autumn and Shaun T all in one schedule
  12. Body Beast / Core De Force: Heavy weights and heavy cardio, what a mix
Are You on Facebook?

Facebook Hybrid Group Cover Photo

Are you active on Facebook?  If so then you may be able to join my private group just for people who download my schedules. We talk about the hybrids, the workouts, our struggles and successes, and even have a little fun.  I’ve already made some life-long friends in the group.  If you are not a coach and looking for a community of like-minded people to interact with then fill out this application form, tell me a little about yourself, and I will get back to you.


4 comments on “Hybrid Schedules
  1. Elissa says:

    Do you have any hybrids with 21dfx or day fix and t25

    • John T says:

      Hi Elissa–thanks for asking but no, the only ones I have are the ones you see on this page. If you would like to sketch something out and send it to me I would be happy to review it and give you feedback. BTW I’ve replied to your two emails and your Facebook message from this morning with a few questions on your situation, let me know more about your current condition and goals and that would help me answer your questions 🙂 –John

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