July 2015 Happenings From John & Susan

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Greetings from Cancun Mexico

We hope you had an awesome Independence Day or Canada Day this past week!  Now that another holiday is behind us and summer is in full swing we have a few interesting articles to share with you.

  • Whether you’re a golfer or not, check out the Backwards Brain Bicycle video clip that appears in the “Changing Neural Pathways” article below.  It’s really eye opening.
  • If you grow your own produce (and even if you don’t) I bet you don’t know the best way to store all of it. I learned a few things in “Your All-In-One Guide to Storing Fresh Produce”.
  • Autumn Calabrese has a new cookbook coming out this month based on the incredibly popular 21 Day Fix food containers.  She shows you in the video below that eating healthy doesn’t have to mean expensive.

July is a Busy Month for New Products

July also brings the release of several new Beachbody products.  For more information click the links or reply to me and I’ll make sure you are notified when they are available to order:

  • July 14:  Autumn Calabrese’s new cookbook Fixate is released which takes the guesswork out of how many containers a recipe qualifies for.  Let me know if you are interested.  To promote the cookbook both the 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge Packs are on sale in July. The programs are only $10 with the purchase of Shakeology this way.
  • July 20:  Shaun T’s new CIZE is released. If you think you can dance, and even if you can’t, this program will certainly be alot of fun. Everyone who orders it will be invited to a large Facebook Challenge Group that I am running with my upline team, and you might even get to see my moves on video 😉
  • July 22:  Beachbody’s new Performance Line of supplements is released. I’ve been waiting for this update for a long time and all the testers I have heard from have given positive reviews.
  • July 17-19:  The annual Beachbody Coach Summit meeting is being help in Nashville, TN and there will be new product announcements for sure.  I’m betting on a new Shakeology flavor and perhaps a new program by Sagi Kalev, the Body Beast trainer. Stay tuned!

What’s Going On With Us?

We were fortunate to attend the wedding of two of our team’s coaches, Michele and Tim at the Jersey Shore.  Michele and Susan both took the opportunity to go sleeveless and show off their Tony Horton guns 🙂


Our team of coaches continues to grow, we’d like to welcome Chris, Alysha, Janean and Ron to the team since our last newsletter. We are beginning Week 10 of our current P90X/Insanity hybrid this week.  After doing several rounds of P90X3 I can definitely say that we are getting more work out of the P90X/Insanity hybrid than any P90X3 round.  I am writing a blog post that will compare the two programs and I will share it with everyone soon.  

We hope you enjoy the content below, and we would love to hear how you are doing.

John & Susan Tantillo

Independent Team Beachbody Coaches


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 Backwards Brain Bicycle
This article explains why the casual golfer can’t go to the driving range once a week and expect to make permanent swing changes. Even if you are not a golfer, the Backwards Brain Bicycle video will blow your mind. Read more…
Colder is not always better when it comes to food storage. To help you get the most out of your fresh produce, here’s a handy guide from MyFitnessPal to storing fruits and veggies. Read More…
Think healthy food has to be expensive?  Autumn Calabrese, creator of the 21 Day Fix, decided to prove once and for all that a healthy home-cooked dinner can cost the same as fast food from McDonald’s. Read More…

 Coach Sneak Peek
Coaching Sneak PeekBeginning Monday 7/6

Ever wonder what a Team Beachbody Coach is and what we do?  Want to learn how coaching generates income?  Join my team for a 3-Day Sneak Peek into what coaching is all about.  More Details…

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