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As you may already be aware Beachbody is dissolving its relationship with Les Mills and discontinuing products such as Les Mills Pump and Les Mills Combat.  As the price for Combat has been reduced to as low as $24 during a recent sale to clear out inventory, a bunch of folks in my P90X3 Hybrid Facebook group for have recently acquired it and have asked about combining it in a hybrid with X3.  I assembled this schedule to complement the other P90X3 hybrids you can find on my site and added something very special to it:  some classic P90X!

Les Mills Combat

LES MILLS COMBAT. Work out like a warrior. Get shredded in 60 days.

Combat is a mixed martial arts program where approximately half the workouts are kicking, boxing and punching while the remaining workouts are a combination of upper and lower body resistance workouts and plyometrics.  It’s the most fun Beachbody program I have done and the soundtrack to the workouts is awesome.  Oh, and it’s a pretty darned good cardio and muscle-building program too. The lead trainers Dan and Rach (along with the rest of the cast) are fun, have real world MMA experience, and are easy to look at.  I like to tell people if you like Kenpo X and MMX, you will love Combat.

The Schedule

The base schedule is 9 weeks like the Combat schedule and consists of two phases.  These two phases only contain P90X3 and Les Mills Combat routines.  A 4-week Bonus Phase follows that adds classic P90X resistance workouts.

Phase 1: All you need for Phase 1 are the base workouts that come with Combat and X3.  To satisfy those who insist they only have 30 minutes to workout this phase includes single workouts of 30 minutes each (with the exception of Combat 45 which is closer to 40 minutes).  You should get Good results with the phase.

Phase 2: The action heats up in Phase 2 with the addition of the Combat Ultimate Warrior upgrade workouts which are 4 great additions to the base Combat mix (you can get the Ultimate Warrior DVD’s HERE).  The scheduled workouts are approximately 45 minutes long by doubling up short workouts like Core Attack after a standard 30 minute routine like Eccentric Upper.  Combat 60 is the longest workout at ~52 minutes.  You should get Better results in Phase 2 than Phase 1.  Phase 2 concludes the end of the 9 week P90X3-Combat schedule.

Bonus Phase: After recently completing a round of P90X3 and P90X back to back, I can honestly say that there is nothing like good old P90X for the best results because of the longer workouts and additional reps you do compared to X3.  The Bonus Phase relies heavily on the P90X resistance workouts and retains the longer Combat routines for cardio.  Also making its return in the Bonus Phase is mid-week yoga in the form of Yoga X (or X3 Yoga for the time disadvantaged) because your body is going to need it to recover from the shock of transitioning from P90X3 to P90X.  For those that want to complete all 13 weeks but do not have the original P90X, I suggest you get an On Demand account set up and take advantage of free online access to the P90X workouts for 30 days, just long enough to compete the 4 week Bonus Phase.  You will get your Best results from completing the Bonus Phase. (Sign up for your free 30-day On Demand trial HERE)

To download a high-resolution copy of the P90X P90X3 Combat Hybrid schedule, click the image or the link below:

To download a high resolution printable copy of the P90X P90X3 Combat Hybrid schedule, click the image

Download the P90X-P90X3-Combat Hybrid Schedule HERE

Tell Me What You Think

For those of you who decide to download the schedule I hope you enjoy it and let me know once you get into it what you think. If you would be interested in participating in one of my Facebook groups exclusively for hybrid’ers send me an email or use the Contact Me link and I’ll get back to you promptly.


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2 comments on “P90X P90X3 Les Mills Combat Hybrid
  1. Cintron says:

    Is the P90X3/Combat program structured to build muscle?
    There is no leg work in either incinerator or challenge.
    Can I add 2 or 3 sets of squats to each and follow your hybrid as mapped out?

    • John T says:

      Hi Cintron–

      Thanks for asking. You should build just as much muscle on this schedule as you would the straight P90X and P90X3 Classic schedules since that’s what the resistance workouts are based on, of course dependent on what nutrition plan you follow. I wouldn’t just add a few sets of squats unless you want to end up unbalanced 🙂 You need to work all the muscles like any good leg workout. So if you add on consider moves like squats, lunges, curtseys, sumos, side lunges, etc. if you feel you need to work the legs in Phase 1 the consider doing Lower Body Lean Out or Eccentric Lower on Day 5. But if you are coming off a program where you recently worked your legs hard, then take the 4 week break from heavy leg workouts and return to them in Phase 2. Our bodies need the cycling. Are you trying to lose weight as well?


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