Shakeology Samples

Introducing the Shakeology Trial Pack.  I sell single serving packs of 3 flavors for $12 (add $4 if I need to mail them to you) which basically covers my cost (I get them for $4 per packet).  I will send you three of the following (click flavor for nutritional information sheet):

This will allow you to give Shakeology a try to sample the flavors before making a commitment.  The regular Chocolate was reformulated last year and is my favorite flavor, followed by Strawberry.  My wife likes the Greenberry and typically adds Greek yogurt and fruit to it.  All packets are individually labeled for resale so you can read the nutritional info.

For more videos, testimonials, and ordering information visit my Shakeology website.  If you want to take advantage of my Trial Pack Program please use this contact form and we’ll take care of the details.  I can accept personal check or PayPal.

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